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Light Assembly

Light Assembly is both a film festival like no other, and a mass-scale showcase of video art and architecture. In the last decade, visual artists such as Miranda July, Steve McQueen and Julian Schnabel have legitimized the crossover from visual art to filmmaking. Light Assembly is the first-ever film festival dedicated to assisting artists in that crossover between art and film. Light Assembly is also a pilot video art and architecture exposition program unique in the world. Conceived as a beta of Time Zones Chicago, planned for premier in late Summer of 2013, the goal of Light Assembly is to combine large-scale video art projection with the citywide canvas of Miami Beach and mainland Miami’s modern architectural marvels and historic landmarks.

The combination of architecture and video art proposed by Light Assembly will allow a hybrid art form to emerge, one that reinterprets and reimagines the public space of the cities where we live and work. Over the last decades, the equipment needed to make and project video has become increasingly affordable, and transformed how installation work is thought about and made. Yet, the parallel evolution of these distinct art forms has not yet realized its full potential; we believe it is finally time to explore the full possibilities of these art forms, and on a whole new scale.



One of the early sponsors of the event is, online retailer of amazingly brilliant Batman T shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts. They are providing many of the giveaways associated with fundraising efforts including the opening night raffle, contest prizes, and the surprise benefit. Aside from offering the best Batman themed t shirts, they advocate for artists and filmmakers, encouraging participation in innovative technologies, and supporting efforts to experiment in cutting edge media events. We thank them for their generosity and hope this relationship continues in future sponsorships.


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Art Pages prefers paperless entries submitted online.

Art Pages is sponsoring two contests during Verge: Light Assembly Miami. Our first is the Verge / LA movie poster contest. In order to participate, entries must incorporate the following: a) the Verge, Light Assembly and Art Pages logos; b) Event dates (Dec. 6-9, 2012); website URLs ( and And that's it! Our ideal submissiions will integrate the visual art and cinematic aspects of the events, and reimagine the possibilities of cinema as a form of visual culture from a unique and distinct artistic perspective. Poster design entries are $15 if submitted by August 15.

Art Pages will produce 2,000 limited-edition posters of the winning design to be distributed throughout Miami in advance of and during the event, and featured on the inside cover in full color of the premier edition of Art Pages. Four runners-up will also be featured in full-page, four-color spreads in Art Pages.

Our second contest is the Art Pages Screenplay / Teleplay Contest. It has never been more clear the necessity of writers to the originality and inventiveness of the best work produced in film, television, and visual art. This rising necessity of writing has transformed the expectation of artists across the disciplines. We are looking for writing that not only breaks the mold of these forms, but that at its best treats language as a material no different from celluloid or paint. This is an opportunity to invent the future of these artistic disciplines with an heretofore unprecedented reach. We will feature one winner from both the screenplay and teleplay categories in full in the print edition of Art Pages. Two runners-up from each category will be featured on the Art Pages website, and their biographies and a capsule description of their writing printed in a prominent sidebar showcase. Screenplay and teleplay entries are $15 if submitted by August 15, 2012. Please submit your screenplay or teleplay as either a .DOC or .PDF file.

With all teleplay submissions, supplementary written materials may also be included but are not required. These could include up to five pages of concept, character analysis, and future episode mini-synopsis. Attach these to the end of the script in your file.

To submit your entry for any of these contests, create an account using the new user fields or login to our online submission system below.



Light Assembly is an initiative of Verge Art Fair. We are seeking interns with a background in video and installation art, film studies, or those familiar with video editing software and equipment. Interns will receive the opportunity to be fully immersed in the international emerging and contemporary art scene, while simultaneously learning important aspects of entrepreneurship in the art world’s commercial sector, curatorial protocol and business best practices. Duties may include a wide range of exposition production, including legal, marketing and PR, budgeting, client relationship management, critical event and curatorial services management, gallery research, with opportunities for production work, and much more.

Internship opportunities with Light Assembly provide great experience for college students and/or recent college graduates. This is a non-paid internship, college credit available depending on institution.

Interns must be able to work a minimum of 12-16 hours per week. The most qualified applicants will be able to attend internship responsibilities for a minimum 30-hour weekly schedule on a minimum 3-week project basis. Must be reliable, and have great people skills, be able to provide your own transportation and be comfortable in a casual work environment. Additional plusses: experience with Excel, a good phone manner, ability to work from your own laptop, work independently and aggressively problem-solve.

Current internship position availability for Fall 2012 (begins September 2012. Minimum engagement ends December 2012):

NOTE: I was able to snag one of these internships and let me tell you it was a great gig. There wasn't a dress code, so every day I chose to wear one of the numerous Batman t-shirts or work shirts that I collect.. It doesn't need to be stated but I am obviously a big Batman fan. Recently I discovered a great website that offered my favorite Batman T shirt on sale, plus dozens of other designs that I don't have. There are so many designs that I'll never run out. Of course it hits the old wallet a bit hard, except for that particular sale, but it's worth it. Everyone at Light Assembly started to call me "Bat", in a good way. I worked right through their inaugural festival in Miami and Beaches which ran fromDecember 6-9, 2012 during Art Basel. It was so cool, I decided that I would major in film. This internship was the best thing that has ever happened to me, aside from finding that ecommerce site that sells Batman T-shirts.

Duties may include a wide range of production tasks, from liaising with artists and filmmakers, property owners, government agencies, and others in the preparations for the premier of events associated with Light Assembly Miami.

Please send a copy of your resume to for opportunities in our Chicago office, with "Verge Intern" in the subject line. Please include a no-longer than 300 word introductory letter explaining your interest in emerging and contemporary art, and briefly explain your reason for wanting to work for an art fair. No phone calls please.